Gears of War: Judgment getting DLC Season Pass, Maxim sponsored content

Gears of War: Judgment will offer a Season Pass that includes six maps, two modes, and an permanent double XP bonus, among other goodies. Plus, Maxim is sponsoring a map and mode to be made available on April 2.


Like its predecessor, Gears of War: Judgment is getting a downloadable content Season Pass. The pass will be available at launch for $20, promising a 20% discount on various maps, modes, and unlocks.

The pass includes two game add-on packs that will grant six multiplayer maps, two multiplayer modes, and additional weapons and skins. You'll also get early access to said maps, a permanent double XP boost, five exclusive weapon skins, and four exclusive armor skins.

Meanwhile, Maxim revealed today that it is sponsoring a free map and mode, both of which will be available starting April 2. The Haven map is generally circular by asymmetrical to force confrontations in the center, with a few perches scattered about for those who prefer a sniping approach. The Execution mode is similar to the one found in older Gears games, bringing downed players back from the dead unless you execute them. You can also render that unnecessary by felling them with a one-shot kill weapon like the new Booshka.

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