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A Virus Named Tom hitting Vita, not an actual virus

A Virus Named Tom is making the jump from PC to Vita and PlayStation Mobile devices this summer, Misfits Attic has announced.


We live in a day that viruses can be found on just about any kind of electronic device if you're careless enough, from PCs to smart phones. Thus, we have a certain respect for developer Misfits Attic for creating a piece of software named after a thing that should be avoided at all costs. It's like naming your soft drink "the plague." A Virus Named Tom is set to jump from PCs to Vita and other PlayStation Mobile certified devices this summer.

The developer blog (via Joystiq) announced the impending port, which will sport some new features. Misfits Attic says it hasn't "figured everything out yet," but teases additions like new levels, touch controls, and multiplayer options. It's aiming to have a build playable at PAX East.

If summer seems too far away, the developer has placed the game on sale for 50% off until February 21. You can snag it on the game's official site for $4.99.


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