Bungie kicks off 'Destiny' alternate-reality game

Bungie has launched an alternate-reality game to promote its upcoming game Destiny, promising some reveals as the week goes on.


We've seen little hints of Bungie's "Destiny" from leaks and clever easter eggs, but the company finally seems primed to pull the veil off. The developer has started up an alternate-reality game, welcoming fans to uncover the mysteries and (presumably) unearth some secrets about the game, with some details expected to be revealed on February 17.

The ARG site asks you to match some shapes to their correct configuration, granting access to the site proper. The site itself suggests a "distributed, synchronous effort" to unlock its riddles, by which it means crowd-sourcing. The current puzzle is counting on lots of users to join at the same time to reveal the picture, after yesterday's revealed an image (via Joystiq).

The Facebook and Twitter accounts (via IGN) suggest some sort of big reveal coming on Sunday, so by this time next week we should know a lot more about Destiny. Keep in mind, of course, that "a lot more" is relative, and currently we know almost nothing.

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