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Insomniac expresses 'frustration' with Rachet & Clank Vita silence

Insomniac took to Facebook, describing its "frustration" with the lack of word about the Vita port of Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault. The post has since been pulled.


Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault has been available for the PlayStation 3 since November. The cross-buy game was also set for Vita, but that version's push to January disappointed some fans of the series. You might notice that January is almost over, with no sign of the game on Vita -- Insomniac has noticed that too.

A now-pulled post on its Facebook page (via Polygon) expressed some frustration with Sony's silence on the subject of a Vita release.

"Insomniac cannot make any comment about the game," the post read. "We have repeatedly asked Sony and Tin Giant for an update to share with our fans. They have not provided any update we are allowed to share.

"We are sorry for any disappointment, but there is nothing we've authorized to release publicly. Trust us in that we share your frustration, and have been passing your comments on to Sony, we also advise you contact Sony directly to share your disappointment and frustration."

The post seemed more than a little passive-aggressive, so it's not difficult to understand why it might have been pulled. But it does raise the question of why we haven't heard any word of the Vita game. The port is reportedly being handled by Tin Giant, while Insomniac works on new content like maps and multiplayer skins. Whenever the Vita version does come, its cross-buy status will mean current owners will get the portable version for free. The PS3 version is currently available on the PlayStation Store.

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