Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon features local multiplayer

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will feature a local multiplayer mode, though Nintendo is notably vague on what that means.


As the Ghostbusters series has taught us, hunting down specters all by your lonesome is a fool's errand. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon has Nintendo's most beloved coward heading into creepy mansions without backup, but the game will apparently support some form of friendly play as well.

The game's official site quietly updated with mention of "a brand new local multiplayer mode" (via Polygon). The site doesn't give any details on just what the multiplayer mode might be, but it wouldn't be Nintendo's first attempt at multiplayer within the trappings of Luigi's ghostly adventures. One attraction in Nintendo Land has a ghost player sneaking up on unsuspecting ghost hunters.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon was recently given a release date of March 24.


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