Temple Run 2 coming tomorrow

Temple Run 2 will hit the iOS App Store tomorrow, bringing more playable characters, power-ups, and a smoother running experience.


Temple Run is getting a sequel on the iOS App Store. The original hit 100 million in August, and has just continued to pick up steam, now topping 170 million. The appropriately named Temple Run 2 will start testing its own mettle tomorrow.

Spotted by Kotaku on the App Store in New Zealand, the sequel promises improved visuals, organic environments, more playable characters, power-ups and special powers for each character, and a much more threatening monkey to chase you through the temple. The original game also received an Android version, and it would stand to reason that Imangi will follow suit for this one.

This will actually be the third Temple Run game, after Imangi Studios teamed up with Disney to make Temple Run: Brave to promote the Pixar animated film.

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