Late Night Computing: January 14, 2013

Late Night Computing for Monday, January 14, 2013 has a football hangover.


Late Night Computing for Monday, January 14, 2013 has a football hangover.

I'll just go ahead and assume you watched the NFL playoffs this weekend, because really who needs the outside world. It was 66 degrees here Saturday, but there was no way I could pull my face away from the television set. Sunday was just more of the same. Crazy, crazy games. And some of the best football of the season, to boot. I'm officially throwing my hopes into the Harbowl hat, since any other Super Bowl is just going to be boring. You hear me, Brady?

News bits:

  • Read the very latest issue of the community-made GLHF Starcraft magazine, for free! Seriously, check this out if you are a fan of competitive Starcraft. [via GLHF Magazine]

  • Speaking of competitive video gaming, The Economist sits down with the leader of the Major League Gaming (MLG) organization for a look at the current state of eSports. [via The Economist]

  • Kaspersky discovers Operation "Red October", widespread malware that has been stealing confidential government information since 2007. [via Washington Post]

  • The Atlantic makes a strong case that the McDonald's chicken nugget argues against powerful patent laws. It all depends on the sauce you're going to give me, doesn't it? [via The Atlantic]

  • So you've finished up all the available courses over at CodeAcademy, and still want to learn more HTML. Check out this free HTML and CSS guide for beginners and advanced users alike. [via Shay Howe]

Chatty posts of the moment:

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  • "MONDAY DISCUSSION -- BACK ON TRACK EDITION -- You're an adult, you have a life, and you play videogames??? Everyone has different schedules, so I thought it'd be cool to learn about different Shackers typical day and how they squeeze in time to play videogames." [by eonix]

  • "Monday Morning thread! How was your weekend Shack?

    Great weekend of football watching. I have to say--living in Seattle for three years, I really fell in love with the Seahawks. I know some people hate them and that's fine. But prior to about 3 years ago, I really didn't care about the NFL that much. I watched the occasional game but was more into college. But after living in Seattle I found myself watching most of the games every week. I didn't miss a game this week AND I even went to the home opener and the Green Bay game which was fun to watch." [by ejectorpod]

Nightly file:

  • Hyde free game version 1.2 for Windows and Linux. "Taking the role of Henry Edwards, Hyde explores the mind of a business tycoon’s son. Initially Henry is a man who appears to have it all, but as the lines between the past and the present begin to blur, his lifestyle and upbringing begin to be called into question. Hyde’s game-play fits securely into the genre of Interactive Fiction, whilst following a gripping thriller narrative. You need not click on anything in Hyde, nor do you need to remember any complex controls; Just W, A, S & D to move, and move the Mouse to look around." Download the demo for Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, or for Mac.


Crusader Kings II The Republic launch trailer:

Paradox Interactive launches the Republic expansion for Crusader Kings II, allowing you even more options in your quest to rule the world.

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