'Dead Rising 3' spotted on Blur animation resume

Dead Rising 3 is in development, according to the resume of an animation rigger who worked on cinematics for the game.


Capcom seems prepped for another entry in the Dead Rising franchise, unsurprising considering the financial success of Dead Rising 2. Mention of a sequel has popped up on a resume, suggesting Capcom is prepped to make an announcement soon.

A LinkedIn resume (via Joystiq) from a cinematic rigger lists "Dead Rising 3" among his resume, alongside trailers for games like Halo 4 and the upcoming Dark Souls 2. The resume comes from Blur Animation Studios, which does quite a bit of work on cinematics for games and film.

More than a year ago, rumors circulated claiming it will feature a new protagonist again. This one is said to star a mechanic named Rick in Los Perdidos, California, who has to deal with infected illegal citizens, a bomb that threatens to destroy the town, and a broken down plane as his means of escape.

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