Angry Birds Trilogy gets $5 'Anger Management' DLC

Angry Birds Trilogy has gotten an "Anger Management" DLC pack, which packages 130 stages for $4.99.


The Angry Birds Trilogy compiles the original Angry Birds, Seasons, and Rio together, but left out some of the mobile game stages to make room for downloadable content. If you desperately need more structures to fling poultry at, and don't mind shelling out a bit more after already fronting $40 for the game, the "Anger Management" DLC is now available.

The pack brings an additional 130 levels from various episodes like Ham-O-Ween, Wreck the Halls, Birdday Party, and Piglantis. It also packs the Orange Bird, a tiny bird that can inflate to enormous size in order to knock around some piggies. The DLC is available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace for $4.99.

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