Tomb Raider pre-orders include 'Scavenger Hunt' for prizes

Tomb Raider has kicked off a "Scavenger Hunt" meta game for pre-orders, letting fans compete in weekly trivia and photo challenges for prizes like in-game DLC, an ATV, and a vacation in Fiji.


Pre-ordering games usually nets you some kind of bauble or in-game item, but what to do while you wait for the game to actually come out? Tomb Raider is taking a unique approach to the problem by granting those who pre-order access to a "Scavenger Hunt" mobile game. It will provide weekly trivia and photo challenges, complete with prizes to be doled out in March when the game releases.

Most Scavenger Hunt players shouldn't have too much trouble getting a few bits of in-game downloadable content out of it, but you might set your sights on the more ambitious rewards. Those include Tomb Raider branded consoles and life-size statues of Lara. The first runner-up will get a branded ATV, while the grand prize winner will get a vacation for two to Fiji with activities to resemble Lara's adventures. Presumably this means fun activities like rock climbing, rather than constructing a tourniquet to aid your skewered limb. The game is due out March 5.

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