Weekend Confirmed 140 - PlayStation All-Stars, Wii U

Garnett Lee, Jeff Cannata, Andrew Yoon, and guests Ariel Angelotti and Seth Killian from Sony Santa Monica studios, convene for this special Thanksgiving Weekend Confirmed show. Ariel and Seth talk up their newly released PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, with some revealing insight on how the game was made. We also talk Wii U, and why it's actually not so bad. And we get to talking about The Last Story, as well.


Just in time to confirm your Thanksgiving weekend, Garnett Lee, Jeff Cannata, and Andrew Yoon are joined by Sony Santa Monica's Ariel Angelotti and Seth Killian. Our guests talk up their newly released game, PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, and offer some revealing insights on how the game was made. Fighting guru Seth explains his love for smash-type games, and explains exactly why fighting games should be excited for PlayStation's brawling mash-up. Then, Andrew talks about his lengthy hands-on with Wii U, and explains how he's warming up to Nintendo's unique GamePad. We throw in some football and some Last Story in there as well, so grab some stuffing and listen to this holiday Weekend Confirmed.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 140: 11/21/2012

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    Whatcha' Been Playin Part 1 - 00:26:04 - 00:56:17

    Whatcha Been Playin Part 2 00:57:01 - 01:26:52

    Listener Feedback/Front Page News/Finishing Moves - 01:27:36 - 02:02:11

    Tailgate - 02:02:58 - 02:09:43

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