Wii U, New Releases - Shacknews Daily: November 19, 2012

Join Ryan Calavano on this episode of Shacknews Daily. Today's Stories: - Wii U review: a week with Nintendo's new console - Shack PSA: Let your Wii U firmware update finish - New game releases of November 19-25


Wii U is out and it makes good on the promise of offering a very different experience than that of its competitors. The seamless integration of TV and second screen must be commended. Nintendo Network, specifically Miiverse, must be applauded. And Wii U's multitasking capabilities put other consoles to shame. However, many should be (rightfully) worried about the system's graphical prowess. If you already have the system, do note that a day one patch for the Wii U adds many elements of its online functionality. Be careful: interrupting it could turn your shiny new Wii U into a very expensive paperweight. Finally, we're almost through the roster of pre-holiday big-hitters, but this week will be another good'un for new releases.

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