Late Night Computing: October 18, 2012

Late Night Computing for October 18, 2012 packs quite a punch tonight.


Late Night Computing for October 18, 2012 packs quite a punch tonight.

After watching the new Avengers release on Blu-Ray last week, I've been in the mood for a good comic book game. Freedom Force by Irrational Games itches that gaming urge just right. I played the original to death, but never got around to second Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich. Time to fix that! Here's hoping the sequel is as good as the original.

News bits:

  • Alright, so you answered the Star Citizen survey last night. Crowd funding is around 50% via the main website, but now you have an alternative with Kickstarter, too! [via Roberts Space Industries]

  • Disappointed with the Doom BFG Edition? Take heart, Brutal Doom version 0.17 is launching on October 31, 2012 and has a new trailer for you! [via YouTube]

  • Rockstar Games wants your suggestions about multiplayer Crews in Grand Theft Auto V. [via Rockstar Games]

  • SlayerS, one of the most watched professional teams in Starcraft II, has decided to disband after the Global StarCraft II Team League match on November 3. [via PC Gamer]

  • Eidos President Ian Livingstone says slow Internet speeds are holding back the gaming industry. [via Ars Technica]

Chatty posts of the moment.

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  • "Dota 2 dudes. I've had the beta for a while now and I'm finally starting to play it some more. I'm getting comfortable with a few heroes, but I never know the correct order to invest skill points and what items to buy. Do you guys find that the guides on this site to be pretty good? " [by maulla]

  • "Diablo 3. Wasn't sure how it would work out, but you can carry more than one Infernal Machine at a time. I've got two in my stash right now, and will probably just keep farming them until anyone here wants to attempt a higher MP uber boss instance. Anyone here ever attempt the ubers? Are the bosses randomly chosen each time a portal is created?." [by freak!]

Nightly file.

  • Ravaged demo 1.0. "Get ready for Ravaged, an intesnse online multiplayer first-person shooter like no other. Ravaged is designed with a heavy focus on vehicular combat taking place on vast maps that will have you strategically duking it out on land and in air with over 40 vehicles and weapons. Placed within a competitive team-based environment created specifically for the PC, Ravaged is set in a post-apocalyptic world that was ripped apart by cataclysmic climate change." Download the demo for Windows here.


Halo 4 multiplayer developer diary:

"343 Industries outs new multiplayer gameplay of Halo 4 with a lengthy developer diary."

Zeal Game Studios and Paradox Interactive releases two new developer diaries for A Game of Dwarves, Sniper Elite V2 gets a Landwehr Canal DLC trailer, Need for Speed Most Wanted gets real with a live action trailer, and Assassin's Creed III has a cinematic commercial.

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