Xbox 360 holiday bundles get 'temporary' price cut

Several retailers are offering the Xbox 360's holiday bundles for $50 off.


You can always tell the holiday season is coming by hardware manufacturers bumping down their prices in preparation for our annual spending splurge. Nintendo dropped the Wii price this morning, and now Microsoft has entered the arena with some price cuts of its own. These come in the form of $50 cuts on its various holiday bundles.

Joystiq reports that various online retailers including Best Buy, GameStop, Kmart, and Target are showing the discount on the 250GB and 4GB Kinect bundles. Most of the bundles are $250, but the holiday 250GB Kinect bundles are set higher at $350. The sites call the price cut "temporary."

Each of the bundles packs in a set of games, either as discs or download codes. The "Value Bundle" packages Fable 3 and a download of Halo: Reach, the "Racing Bundle" includes a wireless racing wheel with Forza 4, and the Kinect bundle includes the device, Kinect Adventures, and Disneyland Adventures.

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