Tokyo Jungle adding Remote Play patch for Vita play

Tokyo Jungle will be receiving a patch to enable Remote Play on the PlayStation Vita, Sony has announced.


The quirky title Tokyo Jungle released yesterday on the PlayStation 3, but soon you'll be able to play on your Vita too. Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida says they're at work on a patch to enable Remote Play for the device.

Yoshida tweeted the news and said release information is forthcoming. He also apologized for giving the impression that the feature would be available on day one.

Tokyo Jungle has you taking on the mantle of a carnivore or herbivore in a post-apocalyptic, overgrown Tokyo cityscape. Humans have disappeared and animals have gone feral, meaning even traditionally domesticated animals have to take up hunting, marking, and mating to survive. For example, that shot above shows a beagle staring down a lion. It's that kind of crazy.


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