Resident Evil 6 getting three post-launch multiplayer modes

Capcom has detailed three more multiplayer modes coming to Resident Evil 6 after launch, each using maps from the Mercenaries mode.


Resident Evil 6 isn't quite out yet, but Capcom is already announcing plans to reanimate its corpse with new modes available after launch. The company detailed three post-release multiplayer modes: Survivor, Predator, and Siege.

In Survivors mode, death will let you respawn as an enemy character and attack the human characters. If you can take down two of them, you can turn back into a human. The last man (or team) standing wins the match. In Predator mode, one player will be the Ustanak and try to eliminate human players, who can either take it out or survive to the end of the match. In Siege mode, human players have to protect an NPC from the other team playing as monsters.

All of them will support six-players and use the Mercenaries maps. Capcom also promises that more maps will be incoming for Mercenaries, which can then be used for any of the three newly-announced modes as well. No release plans or pricing has been detailed for the DLC.

Capcom also released a new launch trailer:

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