Minecraft to add new boss monster, invisibility potion

A Minecraft snapshot hints at some incoming ideas, like a Withered Boss monster, dyed armor, a potion of invisibility, and more.


Minecraft looks to be getting a creepy new monster and some other additions in the near future. A recent snapshot was highlighted by a user, showing off new food items, tweaks to some existing systems, and a "Withered Boss" monster that looks like Cerberus crossed with charred bones.

PC Gamer reports that the unofficial patch notes mention carrots and potatoes, a potion of invisibility, item frames, and dyed armor. The item frames seem especially useful for your decorating needs, since they can hold things like clocks or compasses. The Wither Boss is less useful, unless your goal is to get poison shot at your face from one of its three heads. We're not here to judge.

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