Chatty: Franchises, photorealism

In this week's edition, Chatty discusses game franchises, photorealism, and Shacknews history.


You've run out of new stories to read, listened to the latest episode of Weekend Confirmed, and still want more Shacknews? While these threads have expired, you can join thousands of other gamers as we discuss everything from videogame industry news to politics in the Chatty. Make sure you log-in and check your filters if you can't see the following:

Which gaming franchises have fared better than the competition over the years? PenicillinX57 and Shackers discuss the more popular franchies lately. Big name players like The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Mass Effect, Starcraft, and Call of Duty all make appearances in the poll. How do Shackers feel about the poll? Do you agree with them?

Do developers need to achieve photorealistic graphics to open new and interesting genres? As the next generation of consoles approaches, it's something to consider. Do you think new hardware will give more developers what they need to create emotionally engaging stories? Join the Shack and Fred Garvin for an interesting and in-depth discussion.

Craft a pie-chart in your mind of all the time you've spent gaming in the last month. Describe it to kaddar0 and the Shack what it looks like. Which game is your biggest time-sink? Now, compare that to how much time you spend on Shacknews and the Chatty. Now what is your biggest time-sink? That's what I thought.

Polycount and eonix are outed by eagle-eyed gamers after placing their unofficial logo in each game they have worked on. Easter egg hunt, begin! Check out the thread and see their work. While you're at it, check out their site to see some amazing video game art.

OhSnapHighFive creates some awesome fan-art for Shacker favorite Dark Souls as a way to keep motivated and improving his skills. Check out his site. Have you created anything? Share with Shackers in the Chatty for feedback and discussion.

The Warp Zone

Welcome to The Warp Zone, where the posts are crazy and the lols don't matter.

Need something to fill your ear-holes during the dull hours of the days? Listen to some of the podcasts suggested in these threads by devi| dog and JohnnyRey.

Search goes down quite often, this you already know. But did you know the following fun facts from Shacknews history? haiku checks-in with some nuggets of knowledge.

OzzieMejia discovers that Ghostbusters 3 is officially on, but lacking Bill Murray, much to the chagrin of Shackers. How do you feel about this?

Do you subscribe to cable? Or do you just subscribe to an on-demand service? derelict515 gut-checks the numbers recently published by companies.

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