Bullet Run now available on PC

Sony Online Entertainment's F2P shooter Bullet Run is available now.


Sony Online Entertainment's free-to-play shooter Bullet Run has officially gone live for the PC. The game uses the conceit of a reality TV show, though with a good deal more violence than you see from the crew on The Apprentice.

It supports up to 20 players with six maps and several game modes. You can customize your contestant with vanity items, level perks, weapon mods, and more. Plus, the game takes a page from the Gears of War franchise with active reload. You can grab it the downloader here.

"We have watched this game grow from an idea to a complete experience," said creative director Jan-Eric Lauble, in the announcement. "The level of detail we put in the game--from the competitive gunplay features to the unique storyline--will offer players an experience they have yet to find in the FPS world. We are all incredibly proud of the work the team has done and look forward to offering players more options and exciting new features in regular updates to the game going forward."

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