Chatty: Favorite games, soundracks

In this week's edition, Chatty discusses their favorite games, game soundtracks, and Youtube.


You've run out of new stories to read, listened to the latest episode of Weekend Confirmed, and still want more Shacknews? While these threads have expired, you can join thousands of other gamers as we discuss everything from videogame industry news to politics in the Chatty. Make sure you log-in and check your filters if you can't see the following:

We all know it's pretty much impossible to play every game in existence. You can make a dent in the list, sure, but playing every game would become a full time job. That said, it's extremely easy to miss a great title or two, simply due to lack of coverage or discussion. Which are your favorites? CheesePlatter loves Space Rangers 2: Rise of the Dominators, for example. Check out all-time Shacker favorites in his thread.

There have been some great game soundtracks lately, with games like Mass Effect 3 and Spec Ops: The Line showing their prowess in 2012. Which are your all-time favorites? millakazuya, who picks Sword & Sworcery, demands you show them to him. Throw a dart at this thread, and you're bound to land on a decent soundtrack.

You like reading about video games, that much is a given seeing as how you're reading a video game news site. Have an interest in developing those games you read about? Check out these interesting game development articles with snot3353, detailing XNA development, matchmaking middleware, and artificial intelligence in F.E.A.R..

Clay has no idea how to play Crusader Kings II. Can you blame him? Or maybe you're an expert on the game. Maybe stop by to give him some tips, even though he's making a bit of progress toward decimating the Norwegians out of Scotland.

Watch OverloadUT try his hand at finishing Spelunky, the Xbox Live Arcade version that launched last week. Try not to rage over the platformer even though you aren't playing. Have a run on a particularly difficult game you're proud about? Upload your video and show off your skills in the Chatty!

The Warp Zone

Welcome to The Warp Zone, where the posts are crazy and the lols don't matter.

Need something to read as summer sales wind down and the release list looks ever so boring? Maybe try some of the books in this NastyJack thread, detailing some of the better post-apocalyptic novels to come out over the years. Really, really wish that A Canticle for Leibowitz would come to the Kindle digital format.

Alright, so maybe reading isn't your slice of pie and you feel like sitting back to enjoy some crazy Youtube videos from the last month. Watch these to keep the weekend light with kn1fe. My pick, given that The Dark Knight Rises is out this weekend, is this video from the crazy Francis.

Is there anything you're excited about in the fall? The new iPhone perhaps? Windows 8? Check out what Shackers are interested in purchasing for the fall season in this GodZilly thread. I'll be interested in watching the drama unfold over the new Metro user-interface for Windows 8.

The Dark Knight Rises is out this weekend, and The Grolar Bear deals with some stupidity in the workplace. pulse2115, on the other hand, has the perfect idea for him.

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