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Halo 4's Forge mode to include multiple environments

Halo 4's Forge mode expands upon its predecessor, including new environments creators will get to play with.


Halo 4's Forge mode is getting some serious upgrades. Community manager Jessica Shea has outlined some more of the features and improvements we can expect from this new version of the popular map editor.

For one thing, this Forge mode will actually let you chose from various environments based on the main game. "The difference is that we'll use more than one environment - an aesthetic - rather than a giant contiguous space like Forge World," Shea said.

"There will also be huge flat jumbo Coliseum 'walls' that you can instantly place as enormous floor tiles (or walls). All the spaces are being designed with flexibility and performance in mind." She says these will include aesthetic items like Forerunner and UNSC objects.

The maps themselves are large enough to accommodate "just about any design you can think of," Shea claims on Halo Waypoint (via OXM). A few examples include a Lockout remake and a racetrack. Users can impact lighting choices as well, but can't make night time maps since it would give some skills like Active Camo an inherent advantage.

Maps created in Forge won't be added to the main playlists, but Shea says the team is "still discussing how to promote and enable Forge creations in a way that maintains a separation of that kind of content from the main mix."

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