FileShack: Alien Arena: Reloaded Edition, Gnomoria

FileShack for the week of July 14, 2012 features version 7.60 of Alien Arena: Reloaded Edition, a demo for Gnomoria, and more!


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FileShack for the week of July 14, 2012 features version 7.60 of Alien Arena: Reloaded Edition, a demo for Gnomoria, and more!

Alien Arena: Reloaded Edition free game

Do you miss fast-paced shooters like Quake, Tribes, and Unreal Tournament? Do you enjoy retro science fiction? Then Alien Arena: Reloaded Edition might just be the game for you. Developer Cor Entertainment says Alien Arena: Reloaded Edition is "a furious frag fest with arenas ranging from the small, to the massive. With a large built-in player base, it's never hard to find a good match going on, at any hour of the day." Version 7.60, which you can download for Windows or Linux, features a dozen new maps, two new classes, a new super weapon, and improved artificial intelligence.

Gnomoria demo

Robotronic Games presents the first demo for Gnomoria, which is a "sandbox village management game where you help lead a small group of gnomes, who have set out on their own, to thrive into a bustling kingdom! Anything you see can be broken down and rebuilt elsewhere. Craft items, build structures, set traps and dig deep underground in search of precious resources to help your gnomes survive the harsh lands. Build your kingdom and stockpile wealth to attract wandering gnomads to your cause, but be wary of also attracting enemies!" The demo is limited to six in-game days, but if you decide to purchase a full copy of the game you can pick up where you left off.

Star Wars: The Old Republic trial client downloader

Begin your legacy in Star Wars: The Old Republic by downloading the free trial client, which allows you to play the game as much as you want to level 15. There are plenty of classes to try, ranging from the Republic Trooper to the Sith Warrior. Not sure which to pick? No problem. Try them all! Play through each of the origin stories for free before deciding to subscribe or walk away. Are you already a subscriber? Refer a friend for access to an exclusive artifact-grade speeder.

I Shall Remain alpha prologue

View the Z0M-31 infected city through the eyes of a Marine, awakened after severe head trauma to witness the beginning of the apocalypse. I Shall Remain is a top-down third person survival roleplaying game, where players must scavenge the city to find weapons, vehicles, food, and other tools necessary for life in this hellish world. "Navigate the Marine through the city, organize teams of survivors and equip them to fight, plow through the crowds of zombies with lead, vehicles and explosives. The careful and calculated execution of this just might allow you to survive." Download the prologue and begin your terrible tale of survival.

TRI pre-alpha demo

Rat King Entertainment shows off their early progress on TRI, a first-person three-dimensional game with fantastic environmental puzzles inspired by the likes of Portal and Thief. The developers describe the gameplay as creating "triangles to build platforms, overcome obstacles, walk on walls, reflect light rays and lasers, and more." While it is fun, the demo is in a pre-alpha state, so expect things to change down the road as development progresses. Download the demo for Windows or for Mac.

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