Little Inferno teaser is legitimately unsettling

Tomorrow Corporation has released a teaser trailer for Little Inferno, detailing the (creepy) premise.


Plenty of games try to scare us, many of them unsuccessfully. Maybe we're just jaded, but gruesome monsters and gore just don't hit that special kind of psychological torment. Maybe we need something more subtle. Like, say, a nightmarish dystopia in which children are taught to burn their toys to avoid freezing to death from an eternal winter.

But what's most disturbing about the new teaser-trailer for Little Inferno isn't the premise or even the toys' distorted faces as they burn. It's the catchy little jingle that makes all of this seem happy and normal, when clearly something is very wrong. Plus as a general rule, children singing can be super-creepy. If you don't believe me, just ask some kids to sing "Ring Around the Rosie" at half-tempo.

The teaser doesn't shed much light on how this translates to a game, but with the pedigree of Henry Hatsworth and World of Goo we're intrigued to learn more.

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