Watch Dogs promotion spills real e-mail addresses

An ARG to promote Watch Dogs has inadvertently leaked at least 1,000 e-mail addresses by including them in the "To" line instead of "BCC."


As far as marketing ironies go, leaking private information in effort of promoting a game about digital privacy concerns has to be high on the list. Such is the case with Watch Dogs, which has Ubisoft a bit red-faced after an effort to promote the game resulted in at least 1,000 fans having their e-mail addresses shared.

Kotaku reports that the problem arose from an alternate reality game (ARG) surrounding fictional art gallery owner Joseph Demarco. We saw his art gallery, dotconnexion, in the short gameplay demo. Today, the ARG revealed the death of Demarco, but sent the e-mail out directly instead of hiding them in the BCC line.

The e-mails were sent in sets of 500, alphabetically, and two groups have reported the mistake (A and B). Later letters don't suffer the same problem, so the error must have been caught in-progress.


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