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Fez patch releases, breaks save files

Polytron has released a patch for Fez, which inadvertently made a new bug that can corrupt save files.


Indie platform game/Mensa test Fez caught attention for its inventive puzzles and cute aesthetic, but it had a few odd bugs. A new patch aimed to fix those, but in the process it added a few more bugs. Specifically, it might corrupt your save file.

A notice on the Polytron site claimed "Good news, everyone!" only to be followed hours later by an update about the bugs. If that was meant to be a reference to Futurama, it was ironically appropriate. The "fairly widespread" issue corrupts save files, but can potentially be solved by deleting your system cache. For the time being, the company advises against installing it. "We're floored that this wasn't found in testing," says the notice.

The full patch notes are pretty extensive, so once this new bug gets fixed it will actually be a net positive for the game. All the same, that's probably not much comfort if you downloaded the patch and already had your save file corrupted.

Given the brain-bending nature of Fez's later puzzles, we're not entirely convinced this isn't just Phil Fish messing with us. We'll keep an eye out for updates to patch the patch.

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