Rayman Legends Wii U tablet character revealed

Ubisoft has shown off the fancy use for Wii U's tablet in Rayman Legends, an extra character named Murphy who helps control the environment.


There were hints at fancy uses for the Wii U tablet in Rayman Legends' trailer leak, and now Ubisoft has properly shown them off. During a live demo at its E3 showcase, we were introduced to Murphy, a little chap controlled by the tablet who has some rather special abilities.

By swiping at the tablet touchscreen, players can make Murphy cut foliage, raise platforms, pull catapults to launch the main characters, lift enemies for others to beat on them, and more. The tablet screen can give Murphy different information, and in one level demonstrated he almost seemed to be playing a rhythm game while the others simply platformed.

Like Rayman Origins, four players can bounce around the screen as main characters, but Murphy makes it five-player co-op. Lovely!

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