Harvest Moon: A New Beginning announced for 3DS

Natsume has announced Harvest Moon: A New Beginning for 3DS. It will sport more customization options to your farmer and the town.


The Harvest Moon franchise has appeared on nearly every platform, spanning 15 years and roughly two dozen titles. Natsume is expanding the franchise yet again, with a new entry to the 3DS, with more customization options than in previous iterations: Harvest Moon: A New Beginning.

The set-up sounds similar to what you might expect from a Harvest Moon game. A town is struggling and only farming can save it. The focus of ANB is customization, letting you make your own farmer, craft clothes at the tailor, move around crops or a barn easily, and create various extras for the village to make it more beautiful. As usual, you'll also get a new cast of characters to romance and some new crops and animals to contend with. This time you can raise llamas and yaks, because we know if one thing has held the series back, it's the lack of llamas and yaks.

This will be the series' second appearance on the 3DS, after A Tale of Two Towns. That game was a dual DS/3DS release, so A New Beginning is the first one built explicitly for the younger system.

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