AR game Table Top Tanks to hit Vita May 22

AR game Table Top Tanks is hitting the PlayStation Vita on May 22, developer Devil's Details announced today.


The PlayStation Vita is getting another game to take advantage of its AR functionality this month, with Table Top Tanks from developer Devil's Details. On May 22, you'll be able to build your own maps and incorporate real objects, presumably on top of a table of some sort, and navigate your nimble little tanks across the arena.

The PlayStation Blog provides a closer look at the game. The tanks themselves come with some color customization and different shell types to be equipped. The game includes a campaign to teach the basics, but the meat of it comes from making your own maps.

You'll pick a map size, place virtual shapes in place of real world objects, and give them properties like being filled with smoke, fire, or water. This will impact the behavior if they're blown up. Then you pick from capture the flag, last man standing mode, or two vs two. You can play against AI tanks or up to three friends using ad hoc mode.

Devil's Details already has a DLC pack in the works, to add toy tanks and a themed fighter yet.

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