Minecraft 'experimental' update to ease multiplayer

An upcoming Minecraft update will make multiplayer easier by imitating the style of the Pocket Edition, according to a new snapshot from Mojang.


A snapshot of the upcoming Minecraft update gives a look at some upcoming features, one of which will bring it more in line with Minecraft - Pocket Edition. The game is simplifying the way users can join each others' games, along with adding a few other minor tweaks.

The update snapshot comes with a warning that it's "extra experimental." Its goal is to make it possible to invite users to play on your local computer without going through the server creation process. Plus, it will make it easier for Mojang to add new features in the future. Other tweaks include a few fixes, villagers spawned from eggs will get random professions, and wooden tools will work in furnaces.

This isn't a formal update to the game yet, but the snapshot provides a look at features to come. Daring players can try it out for themselves by downloading the snapshot and giving it a go.

Minecraft is preparing to launch on a new platform next week, Xbox Live Arcade. It's based on an older build of the PC game, so it will lack some of the more recent updates. Developer 4J Studios intends to update it regularly to catch up to some features.

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