Joy Ride Turbo announced for Xbox Live Arcade

BigPark is making another Joy Ride title, this one without Kinect. Joy Ride Turbo is set to launch in the coming weeks.


Remember Kinect Joy Ride? Well, BigPark is making another one. This one, however, is called Joy Ride Turbo, with no mention of Kinect. That's because this edition of the kart racer is using the tried-and-true controller option.

Besides letting us control the game normally, the announcement promises a Stunt Park to try out tricks and find collectibles, new tracks alongside returning ones, three game modes (Battle Race, Pro Race, and Time Trial), and 4-player split-screen or 8-player online competition. The game is also purportedly faster than its Kinect counterpart, probably because the added precision of a controller lets you use those speeds without constant crashing and frustration.

If you have a long memory or a knack for useless details, you may recall Kinect Joy Ride was once simply called "Joy Ride," a standard Xbox Live Arcade title. It was subsequently made into a full retail title for Kinect, and met a mixed reception. It sounds quite a bit like Joy Ride Turbo is the game BigPark set out to make in the first place, before Kinect came into play, with some extra bells and whistles.

In a shockingly quick turn-around time, the announcement claims it's launching in just a few weeks. No price has been announced, but the first game was initially meant to be free-to-play. Maybe BigPark will give that model a try, as it originally planned.

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    April 27, 2012 12:30 PM

    Steve Watts posted a new article, Joy Ride Turbo announced for Xbox Live Arcade.

    BigPark is making another Joy Ride title, this one without Kinect. Joy Ride Turbo is set to launch in the coming weeks.

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      April 27, 2012 12:37 PM

      This might be good with no kinect.

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      April 27, 2012 5:29 PM

      Classic video of Kinect Joy Ride gameplay:

      I wonder if BigPark jumped on the Kinect funding bandwagon because they felt that having a retail presence would mean better sales. If they concentrate on actual driving mechanics, and allow the annoying tutorials to be turned off, Joy Ride Turbo could be something that carries sales on the merit of being a good arcade-kart-style racing game. The terrible reviews of Kinect Joy Ride relegated it to the lower tier of the Kinect launch lineup, which had almost no stellar games aside from Dance Central and Kinect Sports.

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