Chatty: Valve Employee Handbook, bands in videogames

In this week's edition, Chatty discusses the Valve Employee Handbook, bands in videogames, and more.


You've run out of new stories to read, listened to the latest episode of Weekend Confirmed, and still want more Shacknews? While these threads have expired, you can join thousands of other gamers as we discuss everything from videogame industry news to politics in the Chatty. Make sure you log-in and check your filters if you can't see the following:

DrWaffles discovers the absolutely amazing Valve Handbook for New Employees. If you read one thing related to videogames this weekend, make sure this is it! The booklet discusses company structure, employee hours, their creative process, to a rather amusing glossary.

Shall we play a game? lefthighkick wants a few suggestions for cooperative games to play on the PC. Rice-Rocketeer prepares a comprehensive list across several different genres, along with a short description and opinion on each. Playing through each of these with a friend or two should keep you busy for quite awhile. Impressive, most impressive.

Are there any games that coerced you into listening to more of a particular band? node wants to know, since he discovered Cypress Hill in Kingpin. MLB 2K7 introduced me to The Jealous Sound, and I've listened to them ever since.

stonedonkey remembers the golden days of vanilla World of Warcraft, complete with classic videos! Did he miss anything? What other online games have inspired great memories for you?

Milleh wants to know what Shackers think about Path of Exile versus the much anticipated Diablo 3. Have you tried either? Which do you prefer?

The Warp Zone

Welcome to The Warp Zone, where the posts are crazy and the lols don't matter.

theghostofsmdever has a conspiracy theory concerning Planetary Resources and its mission to mine asteroids and wants to know what your plans will be if it destroys the Earth. Snipergen will put his wallet to good use. Don't forget to buy an IRC license, too!

kgargs wants to know the secrets of the mighty informative tag, so sogelegos has to show him how it's done with a rather detailed theory on the history of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Telemarketers annoying you lately? FormerHPB deals with a few in style.

fienfdis will probably start a Kickstarter for his project after this thread.

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