Cosmi acquires ValuSoft from THQ

ValuSoft, the THQ subsidiary responsible for budget game publishing, has been acquired by value software company Cosmi.


Publisher THQ's budget software arm, ValuSoft, has been acquired by Cosmi, another developer and publisher of value-priced consumer software. Cosmi's resume boasts one-hundred million programs sold, and has launched a number of "industry innovations and design patents, including parallax scrolling screens, 3D animation, flight simulators, desktop publishing, packaging patents and more." When it comes to units sold, the acquisition will make Cosmi/ValuSoft the biggest retail publisher for value-priced software.

The sale likely has something to do with THQ's continuing attempts to try to get its ship in order while sailing rocky financial seas. Things like studio closures and layoffs, which contributed to unstable stock prices and an associated stock de-listing notice from the NASDAQ. THQ's recent delays of the South Park RPG and Darksiders 2 are also indicative of THQ's financial woes. That aside, there has been positive financial news for the company as well--mostly due to Saints Row: The Third's impressive sales, but the recent sale of ValuSoft indicates the THQ house-cleaning wasn't quite finished.

"THQ's product strategy is aligned to create and market high-quality video games for both consoles and PCs. With the transition of the 'Value' PC business to Cosmi, our internal resources are now focused on our core video game portfolio where we can drive the highest quality performance and execution for our games. This shift also presents a great, new opportunity for ValuSoft and its broad portfolio of products," said president and CEO of THQ, Brian Farrell.

It's worth pointing out that while much of what ValueSoft published flew straight into the bargain bin, it is also responsible for publishing The Haunted: Hells Reach (see top image), a winner of Epic's Make Something Unreal contest.

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