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Crafting cobbled into Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft - Pocket Edition has received a new update that brings crafting functionality to iOS and Android.


Minecraft - Pocket Edition for iOS and Android is a nice extension of Mojang Specifications' popular game about building and stuff, but up until just recently, the actual ability to craft things in-game was absent from the mobile offering. Survival aspects of the game, like health, mobs, and day/night cycles have already been introduced to Minecraft - Pocket Edition via updates, but building things in a game focused on crafting is pretty important too, no?

According to the announcement on Mojang's blog, the touch-screen based mobile crafting interface technology is called the Minecraft Advanced Touch Technology Interface System (or MATTIS, for short). To use it (once you've downloaded the update), all you need to do is open your inventory, click "Craft," and choose your category and item. Boom! Crafted!

A few more things have made it into the recent update as well. Items will also now display descriptive text, cows and ducks have been added to the mix, and zombies now have better artificial intelligence.

We're curious to hear what you think of how the update works, so if you're a mobile Minecrafter, check it out and post your two cents in the comments.

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