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Street Fighter X Tekken update brings replay analyzer, gems

Capcom is releasing an update to Street Fighter X Tekken today, adding a Replay Analyzer tool and nine new gem packs.


Street Fighter X Tekken is getting another update on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 today. It offers a "Replay Analyzer" to help you improve your skills, and a whole lot of new gems to customize your fighters to your liking.

The "Replay Analyzer" is a tool that displays data from a replay, so you can see more details from great players or pick apart your own replay sessions to see what you did wrong. The Capcom-Unity blog doesn't share much detail on the tool, but it does detail the gems. Nine packs are coming in all, each of them spanning 3-10 gems apiece. They run the gamut from assists and boosts to specialty packs that can only be used by Street Fighter or Tekken characters.

Presumably, when the PlayStation Vita version hits this fall, it will already include most of these updates. The game has lost a bit of fan-support due to the controversy over on-disc DLC and Capcom's response, but maybe new tools and gems will tempt some players back.

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