Pokemon AR Searcher, premium Pokedex announced for 3DS

Nintendo announced two new Pokemon applications for the 3DS: Pokemon AR Searcher, and a premium Pokedex app.


Pokemon is already getting a strategy title and numbered sequels on the DS, but its representation on Nintendo's newest platform, the 3DS, has been pretty low. In an online media announcement, the company announced two new half-steps for Japan, which may be enough to hold back demand for a full game a while longer.

The Nintendo Direct conference (via Joystiq) announced "Pokemon AR Searcher." It's more an application than a full game, but it lets you find Pokemon in real environments with the 3DS camera. This may be the closest we get to a Pokemon Snap! sequel. It's coming to Japan on June 23 for 300 yen (approximately $3.50), but no US release plans have been outlined yet.

The company is also making a premium version of the free Pokedex application that was released last year. Titled "Pokemon Zengoku Zukan Pro," it's priced at a whopping 1,500 yen (approximately $18). We have to assume that at the very least, that means it will be a full Pokedex instead of only covering the creatures from Black and White, and even then it would seem a bit pricey.

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