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Dust 514 dev considers Vita controls

CCP has dropped hints that the PlayStation Vita may be used as a controller for Dust 514.


Dust 514 has interesting plans for tying the PlayStation 3 shooter with the PC MMO EVE Online. But the cross-platform pitch may be getting even more ambitious, with recent hints that the game could use the PS Vita as a controller.

"Once you get your hands on the Vita, you can imagine it as a controller for your Dust experience," he said. "Suddenly you can think about all the things you can do with that screen."

"Our first steps will be cohort apps - the idea of taking a certain amount of the [game's] admin on the go. But the opportunity is massive in terms of what could be on that screen while you're playing Dust 514," CCP's David Reid said in the latest PlayStation Blogcast (via PushSquare).

Cohort apps could indicate companion pieces for the PlayStation Vita, smart phones, or both. Using the touch screen as an actual controller while playing Dust 514, on the other hand, sounds too specific for CCP to not be at least tinkering with it. We may see more of this to come, especially since it behooves Sony to get out ahead of Nintendo's Wii U.

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