'What Would MolyDeux?' jam produces more than 280 games

The "What would Molydeux?" Game Jam has resulted in more than 280 games across several countries.


"What would Molydeux?", a Game Jam based on the tweets of parody/tribute Twitter account PeterMolydeux, has ended with a huge output of games. Now that it's over, we can see the tally: the international 48-hour game jam produced more than 280 games in total.

The games had to be based on concepts pitched by the parody account, which pokes fun at the always passionate, usually hyperbolic concepts of game designer Peter Molyneux. The listing of completed games includes such gems as Pigeon Quest, in which you prevent ledge-jumpers from committing suicide by retrieving items from their homes, and Blowback, in which a kite magically leads a little girl toward clues of an impending terrorist attack.

All of the games were created within a 48-hour period, and some are buggy. You can download most of them for yourself to give them a try. The real Peter Molyneux has been encouraging the entrants on his own Twitter account, and called the number of entries "amazing." He says he "totally will enter next year."

As game jams based on joke Twitter accounts go, it's probably safe to call this one an unqualified success.

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