Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning DLC named Requiem of the Goddess

The Lightning story episode for Final Fantasy XIII-2 is named "Requiem of the Goddess," and is scheduled for Japan in May.


Final Fantasy XIII-2 is rolling out another character-based story episode, this time starring everyone's favorite stoic heroine. Square Enix has mentioned this episode before, but now we know a bit more detail about the "Requiem of the Goddess."

If you played XIII-2, you know the game kicks off with Lightning throwing down against the villain, Caius, as the chosen cipher for the world's goddess. What happens next is pretty ambiguous, since we spend the vast majority of the game following Noel and Serah. Dengeki PlayStation magazine (via Andriasang) reports that the DLC will shed some light on the events and show the two engaged in a "different form" of combat.

It also pegs the release in May for Japan. Considering that the Sazh DLC hit here around the same time it was made available in Japan, we'll probably see Requiem in May too. Square Enix hasn't given official release details yet.

This is a story episode, not to be confused with the other Lightning DLC that added her as a playable character after fighting her in the Coliseum. The game suffered complaints at a lack of resolution, but Sazh's episode was a side-story and the other bits of DLC haven't added story content. This one might tie up some loose ends, but don't get your hopes up.

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