Indies more prevalent on updated Xbox 360 dashboard

Yesterday's Xbox 360 dashboard update also revised the Indie Games Channel, giving the titles more prominence in the Marketplace and easier sorting options.


Microsoft's new dashboard left indie developers a bit miffed late last year, as their section was buried behind several levels of the menu. It even gained a parody in the form of an Xbox Live Indie game itself. But Microsoft has apparently seen the error of its ways, and updated the dash to make the Indie section easier to find.

IndieGameMag points out that yesterday's update, said to fix color and performance issues, also rejiggered the Marketplace organization. Now upon entering the Games Marketplace, you merely need to tab over to the "Games" section to see a shortcut button for Indie games. This is as opposed to before, when you would need to find the "Games" sub-section and then "Game Type" to find Indie titles.

Not only that, but the Indie games are better organized as well. The update brings back Genre browsing, the former omission of which was called "unusual" by indie developer David Johnston. Plus, the New Releases, Most Popular, and A-Z sorting options are given their own buttons, and the indie game section even has its own cycling ads.

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