Ms. Splosion Man challenge to give away steaks

Twisted Pixel has partnered with Omaha Steaks to give a "Filet Prize Pack" to the top five leaderboard performers for its next Ms. Splosion Man challenge.


Ms. Splosion Man is opening up a new Challenge, this time rewarding you with delicious steak -- the real kind that you can cook and eat. It starts tomorrow, Valentine's Day, and runs through February 27. If you manage to be one of the best challenge players, bam! Steak.

The challenge will show up in the main menu of the game while the contest is running. You'll be tasked with shattering 33 panes of glass, each one of which will add 10 seconds to the finish time. The five fastest times on the leaderboard at the end of February 27 will get an Omaha Steak Filet prize pack.

Only U.S. residents can win the steaks, due to shipping regulations on edible goods. If you're a Canadian steak lover, the postal service has foiled your hopes once again. On the bright side, at least you're not a vegetarian. They can't even appreciate steak, and you don't see anybody shipping out portobello mushrooms as a prize.

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