Sumioni: Demon Arts announced for PS VIta

Acquire and XSEED announced Sumioni: Demon Arts today, an action-platformer that uses the painterly Japanese art style to navigate past obstacles.


Sumioni: Demon Arts has been announced for PlayStation Vita, using the system's OLED screen to deliver painterly, Japanese art-inspired visuals. The action-platformer is being developed by Acquire (Way of the Samurai), and published by XSEED. It's due sometime during the "launch window" for the handheld in North America.

A post on the PlayStation Blog presents the kind of scenario you might find in the game. A bowman is out of reach and hitting you with arrows, so you can grab your paintbrush to make a ramp and show him what-for. Alternately, you could set his platform on fire, or summon a phoenix to take care of the problem for you.

Many of these effects use the touch screen, and you can create plenty of solutions as long as you have enough ink stored up, from building platforms over spikes to dousing fire with water. Each stage ends with a strong pagoda that needs to be destroyed to progress.

This all sounds a bit reminiscent of Okami, but there's no shame in drawing inspiration from such a critical hit. Check out the announcement trailer:


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