Star Wars: The Old Republic cheat lets you dance for invulnerability

A dancing exploit in Star Wars: The Old Republic renders you invulnerable.


Between a Galactic civil war and various undesirables, the galaxy of Star Wars: The Old Republic is a dangerous place. Fortunately for you, one little trick can both save your skin and make you more powerful than your enemies could possibly imagine. That trick is dance, dance, dance.

Rock Paper Shotgun reports that the "/getdown" command, usually used for busting a move in the cantina, will render you invulnerable and interrupt enemy attacks when activated during combat. With clever use, you can render yourself invincible and breeze past tough enemies.

That is, until BioWare fixes it. The company is almost certainly already aware of the bug, and purportedly warned a user against posting a video of it in action on the forums. "We recently removed your thread about the /getdown video," a representative reportedly said. "We appreciate you trying to bring it to our attention but we do not allow the posting of potential exploits on the forums." It seems like only a matter of time before it's patched and you have to make do with skill alone.

It's a cheat, and a silly one at that, but we'd caution against abusing the power of the boogie. It's unknown if any users have been banned or suspended for this particular offense, but the company has been tough on exploit-users before. If you want to see it without risking the wrath of doing it yourself, check out the video below.

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