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Meet Sir Cheston, Super Monday Night Combat's renowned gorilla

We get out hands on new biographies for the characters in Uber Entertainment's Super Monday Night Combat. First up this week is Sir Cheston, a clone of the world-famous, award-winning gorilla actor.

Super Monday Night Combat is currently in beta, showcasing how the MOBA-inspired shooter will be different than its predecessor since adopting the free-to-play model. Currently, the game is invitational mode only--meaning, you can't get into the beta without an invite. What developer Uber Entertainment has decided to do, however, is allow all data to remain once the game has been fully launched. No stat wipes are planned. What Super Monday Night Combat also hopes to bring is a new cast of characters, featuring more personality than the game's original crew. Like we did Karl the robot combatant, Shacknews has the full scoop on another Super Monday Night Combat character: Sir Cheston Wyndham Kampanga, the clone of a world-famous gorilla actor. Over the course of the next few days, Shacknews will reveal more character bios from the new cast of Uber Entertainment's Monday Night Combat follow-up.

Sir Cheston (click to open gallery)

Like League of Legends before it, Super Monday Night Combat will give players the chance to use a rotating selection of characters for free, or purchase their favorite. "A descendent of the renowned Kampanga gorilla acting troop, Sir Cheston rose to become one of the leading gorilla actors of the modern age, leaving his mark on stage, television and film in a career that lasted five decades," Uber Entertainment detailed to Shacknews. Sir Cheston's career began at infancy, the developer notes, revealing that the SMNC fighter had an affinity for dance which landed him in the Royal Danish Ballet. Throughout his career, the gorilla played Hamlet over 1,000 times over eight productions, broke box office record, and went on to capture the hearts of America years later. "With the collapse of Europe however, Sir Cheston was forced to pursue his craft in North America. He earned an Academy Award for Best Gorilla in a Leading Role for the film adaptation of Garfield, The Musical and is perhaps best known to mass audiences for his side-splitting role as the flatulent gorilla gangster Bananas Monihan in The Mob Goes Bananas (a role he reprised in three subsequent sequels)," Uber revealed in a chillingly detailed biography of SMNC's competitor. According to his biography, Sir Cheston died of depression in his England home and was subsequently stuffed and sold at auction. Today, he lives on thanks to advanced DNA research that allows him to be cloned and reborn as a "man" on a mission in the Super Monday Night Combat competition; however, Sir Cheston still has the biting attitude of any film and theater star. “Asking me what I think about our critics is like asking a statue what it thinks about pigeons," he apparently told reporters when asked about crowd reactions during his SMNC battles. That snarky gorilla!
Sir Cheston Wyndham Kampanga Biography:
      Pro Career
    • Only the second primate to join the leagues of Super Monday Night Combat after former Secretary of State and lifelong orangutan Captain Jinks.
    • Has used his star power effectively, killing over 600 clones after they became entranced with a monologue from The Duchess of Malfi.
    • Has sung the recently renamed Star-Spangled Sprintz Sports Gum Banner® before a game over 100 times.
        Personal Details
      • His corpse received almost $150,000 worth of restorative taxidermy so he could be knighted posthumously.
      • Only Super Monday Night Combatant to win an Laurence Olivier Award for Best Performance in a Supporting Role by a Gorilla in a Light Opera or Pantomime.
      • Once destroyed the radio studio of the “Bongo and the Gooch Mayhem in the A.M. Radio Show” in a wild onset of gorilla rage, after the shock jocks repeatedly insisted he perform Ardmore the Butler’s catchphrase from Meet the Meatsacks, “Great Godfrey!”
        DNA shared Sir Cheston Wyndham Kampanga, Lionel Barrymore, Jambo the gorilla
          Likes Spotlights, Jacobean theater, rave reviews, lilac water humidifiers
            Dislikes The theater, television and film-going publics; tepid reviews, gorilla jokes
              Taunt: Gives legal warning -- Says, "Unauthorized use of my image for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited!"
                Spawned in: Gives unenthused endorsement -- Says, "Sigh…The Banana Grower’s Council would like to remind people that, 'No one ever died from a bacterial-infested banana who wasn’t going to die eventually anyway.'"
                  Threw someone out of the ring: Way overdramatic, like a line in a play -- Says, "Death is the only tonic; the only surcease for the suffering that is the human condition."
                  Check in tomorrow for another witty (and crazy) Super Monday Night Combat character biography. For more on Super Monday Night Combat, check out the official Uber Entertainment website.

                  Xav de Matos was previously a games journalist creating content at Shacknews.

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                    December 26, 2011 1:00 PM

                    Xav de Matos posted a new article, Meet Sir Cheston, Super Monday Night Combat's renowned gorilla.

                    We get out hands on new biographies for the characters in Uber Entertainment's Super Monday Night Combat. First up this week is Sir Cheston, a clone of the world-famous, award-winning gorilla actor.

                    • reply
                      December 26, 2011 2:17 PM

                      I really enjoyed the original MNC, played a TON. Then the server populations just dried up one day.
                      haven't got a decent game since.

                      Hopefully, this one will have more longevity.

                    • reply
                      December 26, 2011 6:05 PM

                      so, do buyers of MNC have any exclusive perks?

                      • reply
                        December 28, 2011 7:12 AM

                        Most likely least there havent been in the beta. but the game will be free to play with the majority of the stuff being unlockable by just playing the game and not requiring money purchases.

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