Modern Warfare 3 adds 'Drop Zone' mode, community playlists

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 updated today with a new Drop Zone mode, adjustments to Hardcore modes, and a title update to fix host disadvantage.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 received a new update today, adding a game mode and some adjustments to Hardcore modes. The update also brings the recently teased community playlists, so you can begin ranking up in ones vetted by Infinity Ward.

As detailed on the CoW Community site, the new mode is called "Drop Zone." Teams will battle for occupation of a drop zone that dispenses points, and the first to 7500 wins. On top of that, every 15 seconds a care package will be dropped for the occupying team, but the other team can steal it. Other point streaks are disabled to make this the only option for air support.

The update will also add Hardcore Headquarters to the Hardcore Team Tactical playlist, and convert all Hardcore modes to Ricochet as an anti-team-killing measure. Ricochet converts all friendly fire damage to the attacker, so team-killing will just be killing yourself.

Finally, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling tweeted (via Joystiq) that a title update today addresses "Host Disadvantage / Lag Compensation".

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