Sound Shapes to feature exclusive tracks from Deadmau5

Sound Shapes, one of Shacknews' Vita "system sellers," will feature exclusive tracks from Deadmau5.


One of Vita's big "system sellers" here at Shacknews is a game you might not have heard of. It's not an Uncharted game, or a Resistance game. No, Sound Shapes has commanded our attention since we got our hands on it at E3 earlier this year. This unique platformer from Everyday Shooter's Queasy Games also happens to be a music creation tool, and Canadian helmet-wearing music producer Deadmau5 is throwing a few of his own tunes into the game.

Deadmau5's collaboration with the game was briefly mentioned during the Spike TV Video Game Awards over the weekend. Since then, Sony has officially announced the partnership, noting that the artist will be utilizing Sound Shapes' music/level creator to provide "exclusive tracks" that can be played in the single player campaign. The sounds used in his levels will be also be accessible in the game's level creator, allowing everyone to make their own Deadmau5-inspired mixes.

This isn't the first time Deadmau5 has collaborated with Sony. He recently partnered with PlayStation to promote Everybody Dance for PlayStation Move.

A release date for Sound Shapes has yet to be determined, however we're expecting it won't be too far from Vita's February launch.

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