DC Universe Online 'Lightning Strikes' DLC adds electricity powers

Sony Online Entertainment announces the 'Lightning Strikes' DLC pack for DC Universe Online.


Sony Online Entertainment has announced "Lightning Strikes," DC Universe Online's second expansion pack, due out "later this year." It includes a host of goodies to enhance the superhero MMO, but the biggest additions are the introduction of Electricity Powers as the game's eighth power-set, as well as a new adventure for iconic hero The Flash.

The upcoming "Lightning Strikes" DLC includes a brand new map location--Central City--which also includes The Flash Museum Duo that allows players to visit the past and participate in the very moment when Barry Allen became The Flash.

Tesla Coil, Shockwave, and Ionic Drain are just a few of the new Electricity powers the DLC brings to the table, along with a couple of new player gear-sets: Zoom-themed gear for villains, and Black Lightning-themed gear for heroes. Livewire, Black Lightning, The Top, The Trickster, Static are just some of the new characters the pack factors in.

All of these bells and whistles come along with Lightning Strikes, a new, story-driven adventure.

The DLC pack doesn't have a release date yet, beyond "later this year," but will retail for $9.99 when it launches simultaneously for PlayStation 3 and PC. Legendary members will get the expansion pack for free.

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