Warner acknowledges Batman: Arkham City save file issue, asks for help

Sixteen days after we first reported on the issue, Warner Bros. is asking for help from Batman: Arkham City users to detail their save file problems with the Xbox 360 version of the game.


Sixteen days after we first reported Xbox 360 save file issues within Batman: Arkham City, Warner Bros. has acknowledged the problem, asking for users to help investigate the issue.

In a forum post, the publisher is asking users to detail their problems so they can better investigate the issue. Between the time the issue was first reported and Warner's response, the original forum complaining of the game-ending problem has swollen to nearly 200 comments across twenty pages.

"We would very much like to fix the 'disappearing save files' issue some consumers have been reporting with the Xbox 360 version of the game as quickly as possible," a Batman: Arkham City community team member wrote. "Thus far our QA department has been unable to reproduce this issue."

The post goes on to ask users to detail specifics about their set up, such as detailing the Xbox 360 model used, its storage method, and system software information.

Though the post notes that this information would be invaluable to the team, allowing them to reproduce and subsequently fix the issue, it seems very unlikely the company will be able to recover lost files. After waiting over two weeks to respond to any comment regarding the problem, at least now Warner Bros. has a healthy patient pool to quiz about the return of Batman's save file killer.

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