MechWarrior Online concept art reveals evolution of 'Atlas'

MechWarrior Online developer Alex Iglesias discusses his work redesigning the classic mechs in the upcoming free-to-play title, and shows off concept art featuring the 'Atlas' mech.

In a lengthy interview on the game's official website, MechWarrior Online developer Alex Iglesias details his love for all things mechs and his aversion to furries. "With certain Mechs it's a small matter of adjusting some proportions, or making certain fixes so that the art matches the specs/gameplay, with others, it's nearly a complete overhaul of the design," Iglesias wrote regarding his work redesigning classic mechs for the upcoming free-to-play title. "Through all of this, I also try to respect the years worth of art for those designs that came before mine." For the entire interview, head over to the MechWarrior Online site, where you can also reserve your pilot name. If pretty pictures are more your fortay, check out our concept art gallery featuring the evolution of the 'Atlas Mech' design.

The various stages of concept art design for the 'Atlas' mech in MechWarrior Online.

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