Prototype 2 tie-in game 'ProtoSlice' hits iOS

Activision has worked with Slice HD developers TwitchGames to make a promotional tie-in game for Prototype 2, titled ProtoSlice.


Prototype 2 has gotten a free promotional tie-in game for iOS devices, titled ProtoSlice. But rather than take on the role of protagonist James Heller, the puzzle game has you moving various blades to safely touch an on-screen button with your own finger. If you mistime your movements, the blades will cut your finger off -- virtually, probably -- and a bloody screen will let you know you've failed.

If you think this sounds similar to the recently launched Slice HD iOS game, give yourself a gold star. Activision worked with Slice HD developers TwitchGames on the project, and the similarities are pretty obvious. ProtoSlice borrows from Prototype's general aesthetic, but the mechanics are very similar to their other game, right down to pressing a little red button.

Both games are available now on the App Store, but ProtoSlice is a freebie while Slice HD costs $2.99. You could always try the promo game and if you absolutely love pretend finger-chopping, show your three bucks of support by snagging the other.

Prototype 2 is slated for release on April 24 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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