Vita internet browser won't support Flash at launch

A Famitsu report shares more details on the launch features of the Vita, including its lack of Flash support.


Several new details regarding the PlayStation Vita have seeped out, among them the fact that the browser won't include Flash support at launch. The PS3 and PSP both include Flash support, so lacking it is a strange omission. It will, however, support Javascript version 1.7 and HTML5, putting it roughly in line with iPhone features -- minus the ability to make phone calls, of course.

The Famitsu report (via Siliconera) also claims that you can transfer save files from your PSP games via PS3 or PC, to continue your progress from the old device. Plus, the Vita is getting bilinear filtering--a texture filtering method used to smooth textures from PSP's 270p content to Vita's 540p screen. The PS3 and PSP featured a similar option for playback of PSone and PS2 games.


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